December 30, 2009


secuencia recomendada: 1. la música 2. el video 3. pantalla completa

Playlist tracks:

1 - Flatlands ( enigma )
2 - Following the sun ( enigma )
3 - The child in us ( enigma )
4 - Delerium ( enigma )
5 - Voyageur ( enigma )
6 - princes of lust ( enigma )
7 - Seven ( enigma )
8 - Camera Obscura ( enigma )
9 - DREAM OF THE DOLPHIN ( enigma )
10 - Sade, dis moi ( enigma )
11 - The Cross Of Changes ( enigma )
12 - June ( enigma )

Photography: Techniques and styles

December 13, 2009

Six photographers

6 international photographers come together to create this video. This is the first attempt at doing this across the globe and as unique as it is, we got it down and we hope you like it. We have to thank the new technologies like Twitter (which is how this started) and Vimeo for this to happen. All the organizing and image file forwarding was through emails and twitter, and communications were so much easier with it. Thank God for technology. :D


Elaine Vallet

Sureka Dharuman

Francesco Gallarotti

Ilan Bresler

Wong Kin Leong

Anissa El Gariani

this project started with Kin Leong asking Ilan whether he would like to do something like this, and as it turned out, we had lots of friends that joined in. 6 in total and spreading across the globe, we discussed what to do and deadlines were set.

And files were uploaded onto websites and emailed across to Singapore where this video is programmed on a MacBookPro and loaded onto Vimeo to be downloaded again by the 6 photographers for use in their country. Pretty neat if you ask me.

This video will probably be the first of its kind, 6 photographers from 6 major cities, shooting black and white street photography.

Just for the love of what we would like you to see.

Thanks for viewing, I hope u are as blown away as we are doing this. It was definitely a wonderful thing to have 6 of us do this, really says something about the world that ain't all that different afterall. Thanks!

December 10, 2009

High Definition High Speed Camera

New Photron SA-2 High Definition High Speed Camera. Shot of 'Checkers' the eagle owl, 1000fps 1920x1080 resolution. Shot by SlowMo (

Photron website

December 03, 2009

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