August 31, 2009

flamenco - maria pagés

August 30, 2009

How to Design a CD Cover Using Photoshop

Tutorial by Danny Outlaw

So many Photoshop tutorials that are online today make the design process look like it is just one flawless process from start to finish. Any good designer will tell you that it is more about trial and error and finding combinations of elements that look good together.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process I went through in creating this CD cover, rather than walk you straight through to the finished product.

You will notice along the course of the tutorial that I change elements of the design, play with the layout, and adjust finishing touches throughout the design process; this is how good design is created. Additionally, this tutorial is intended for those with a basic understanding of Photoshop.

August 13, 2009


Paseo fotográfico en torno a Catoira (Galicia) Verano 2009
Fotos de Manuel Velasco
Música de Mercedes Peón y Alasdair Fraser

August 11, 2009

Sexy women in Deviandart

Blondie music + sexy women photos

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August 09, 2009

Catoira 2009

Tres vídeos fotográficos relacionados con la Romería Vikinga de Catoira 2009
(más información en el blog El Drakkar)

El desembarco vikingo - La cena vikinga + la procesión de antorchas - El anillo de Balder

August 07, 2009

Jim Atwood - Japan

Vídeo en calidad HD. Sí tienes una conexión lenta, dale a pausa y deja que se descargue, para verlo sin paradas.
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