October 23, 2008

The oldest known color photograph: 1872

The oldest known color photograph
La más antigua foto en color conocida

Angouleme, France (Louis Ducos du Hauron / 1872)

October 13, 2008

Caballos andaluces

Reportaje sobre la feria del caballo SICAB, Sevilla
SICAB, horse fair in Seville, Spain

Trabajando con modelos / Working with models

iStockphoto / 10922361
Get the most out of your model with a little planning
by Carole Gomez / iStockphoto

Before the session:

1. Send them a copy of the model release. The last thing you want is a model reading the release at the shoot and backing out.
2. Ask the model to wear lose clothing so that they don't have marks on their skin when you have outfit changes.. or no outfit at all.
3. Invest in a make-up artist if you can. If you can't afford to pay for one, see if your local cosmetology college has students interested in trading work for photos for their portfolios.
4. Make sure that your model knows what to expect from the shoot. Give them an idea of how many images you'll supply and in what time period. If you're paying the model, make sure you have the payment with you on the day.

The day of the shoot:

1. Check and double check your kit bag. Make sure your batteries are charged and that you have spares. Make sure you have enough memory cards. It's embarrassing to start shooting on a nearly full card and not realise it.
2. Before anyone does anything, get the model releases signed and witnessed.
3. If the space you're shooting in allows, take some music. It'll relax everyone.
4. Chat to your models while you're setting up and they're getting ready. Remember, they're probably more nervous than you are.
5. Don't touch the model. If they have hair out of place etc, or you want them in a certain pose, tell them and let them do it or ask them if it's ok for you to do it first.
6. Enjoy it!

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