May 16, 2008

Artistic nude

Masters and Legends of Photography

Man Ray
Legendary Photography, painter, and maker of objects and films, Man Ray was on the most versatile and inventive artists of 20th century.
 Man Ray Trust - Official site
Ruth Bernhard
World renowned nude photographer most known for her classical and luminous forms.
 Ruth Bernhard Biography
 Josefsberg Studio - Ruth Bernhard
 John Stevenson Gallery
Richard Avedon
One of the premier American Portrait, Fashion and Art photographers. Richard Avedon is regagded as one of the most influential photographers of the 20th Century.
 Richard Avedon Official Site
 Richard Avedon - Fraenkel Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe
Nude and Portrait photographer most known for his controversial work.
 Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
Patrick Demarchelier
Master Fashion and Art Photographer. One of the privileged few top photographers of our time.
 Patrick Demarchelier Official Site
 Demarchelier - Young Gallery
Jeanloup Sieff
French Master of elegance and eroticism.
 Jeanloup Sieff Official Site
Joyce Tenneson's
mythic images - often of the human figure, sometimes of sculpture or architecture - are striking and distinctive.
 Joyce Tenneson Official Site
 Joyce Tenneson - Kodak Legends
Edward Weston
One of the predominant masters of the early 20th century art photography.
 Edward Weston family website
Horst P Horst
Master Photographer renowned for his dramatic lighting, elegance and imaginative settings.
 Horst P Horst Estate
 Horst P Horst - Artnet
Helmut Newton
Perhaps the most renowned nude photographer of all times.
 Helmut Newton -
 Helmut Newton Foundation
 Pictures of Helmut Newton
Herb Ritts
Master Art and Commercial photographer.
 Herb Ritts Foundation
Peter Lindbergh
Exceptional Beauty, Art and Commercial photographer.
 Peter Lindbergh Official Site
 Peter Lindbergh - Michele Filomeno
Ellen von Unwerth's
style is at once elegant, evocative, and erotic.
 Ellen von Unwerth - Staley Wise Gallery
 Ellen von Unwerth - Artnet
Jock Sturges's
most frequent controversial nude photography subjects have been adolescent girls.
 Jock Sturges - Paul Cava Fine Art
 Jock Sturges - Fine Art Photography

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